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2002 Page Two

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On a day like this the world stands still

Raindrops falling on the doorstep measure time

As the morning light sneaks through


It seems so surreal

Yet everything is clearer now

In the soft silence a whisper is heard

Begging you to remain


With this seductive image

A smile appears on a face

Where once tears fell


Returning to your daily spin

Reality begins again

As the memory fades


Time everlasting and still

We find ourselves searching for that moment

The one we will never let go

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Natural Disaster???


I’ve come to a bit of a crisis

And discovered that I must be stupid

To be caught up between still wanting you

And the memory of what you did to me


Talking to you is an addiction

You torture me more than I can let you know

Yet I can’t help but feel a sense of affliction

In realizing I can’t let you go


I’m pulled in by your tidal wave

But I can’t swim

And I’m afraid of drowning

Would you be there to rescue me?


I know there are things I need

Like honesty, love, and loyalty

I wish you could just do that for me

So I won’t drown in misery


Pick me up in your hurricane

And sweep me off my feet

If it’s not too much to ask try not to let me fall


My love is a volcano

I’m tired of holding everything in

But I guess I don’t have a choice

Unless you want me to erupt again

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Note to the Jester 

It's time to begin again

Time to pretend that I can't feel

All that I have for you

Seven hours later they're already singing this song


Why didn't I see this coming

Why can't I realize that nothing last forever

All angels fall from heaven someday


Tumbling in confusion

Scarred by love's creul joke

No one's laughing


What scares me now

The uncertainty

Waiting for you to decide what's real

While fighting back the useless tears

They can't wash the love away

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The silence is unbearable

Accompanied by the slow rushing sound

Of the torch you just lit

Burning pianos one by one


They are cherished things

With a stroke of a key emotions will change

Lovers playing love songs

Children play their own songs

As you would too, if only you could remember the words


The flames leaping higher now

As your sadness finally lets go

The tears you cry are many

But they cannot douse the fire


Pianos left to ashes

And you with them

When just outside the window

Someone wanted to play you a song

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Porch Steps


She sat on the porch steps

Wind blowing all around her

Doesn’t know where she is

Cause she’s never been here before


You’ve chased her away

Now look at what you’ve done

She’s on her last chance train

And it’s running off the tracks

Cause you were just having fun


You can say she’s just overreacting

But you know she’s come undone

That wild twister that’s in her head

It’s turned her whole world inside out


And you just sit there

Don’t say a word

Just sit there

No point in feeling guilty

Cause that’s not what you’re made of


As she sits on those porch steps

So pretty on those porch steps

Wishing she knew how to move on

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Sorry my Mistake


I don’t deserve to write about this

I’m supposed to be unworthy, remember?

I’m supposed to keep waiting for this chance

But I slipped up and got it


I tried to do my job right

Tried to pretend that we could just stay friends

But you had to have it your way

And now we have this whatchamacallit thing

If I call it love you know I’ll jinx it


Can’t you see my flaws

Are you blind

They’re right there in front of you

I saw them when I got up this morning so I know they’re there


But oh no, it can’t be that simple

You have to go and kiss me

And tell me that I’m beautiful

Because you know I don’t want to argue


Don’t think that I don’t love you

But it just isn’t fair

Can’t you see what’s really there

The ugly duckling’s born again

Yet still you see a swan


Don’t tell me I’ve been lied too

I’m not that stupid

Oh you know that too?

Since when are you an expert


I’ve been listening to the majority

And they’ve been drowning you out

Until now

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Strength of Love


Open your eyes

And maybe you can see

There’s a whole world waiting out there for you


Don’t be afraid

You’ve got so much to live for

Just take my hand and you’ll be alright


Life is such a contradiction

And always at the worst of times

First it sets your heart on fire

Then reality brings in the ice


But don’t you worry now

You’ve got to be brave

Be strong

Don’t let the world spin on without you

You’ve got to hold on


Cause I’ll be here for you

Even when you can’t be there for me

And together we’ll teach this world what it is to love again

Even if we stop it will never truly end


I know we’ve been in hard times

And I know there’s more to come

Though we may not live to see eternity

You’ll be in my heart forever more

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Take the Risk


At the end of the line

You find yourself trying to define

Who it is

What it is you are now


Looking back on it all

Are you strong enough to see what’s real

Are you brave enough to set it free


The fire that fuels you

Burns at the core

As flames leap the passion reaches higher

A dangerous master


Still lost in flames you are

Not wanting to return

But no one’s calling you back either


As you dance here in the dark

Still searching for the words to seize the moment

I saw stars burning in your eyes

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The Burden


I wish I were invisible

I want to crumble

I can’t stand the weight of losing you

Though I know it’s what I have to do


I could wander this world

Searching for a miracle

To save me from this pain I must go through

It would be so much easier if I could force myself not to love you

But I can’t….it doesn’t work like that


How dare the sun shine on me

For in my heart it storms

I love you, I miss you

I want no one else but you

But you are not an option anymore


I hope you can understand

That I can only do for you

What you can do for me

Nothing in this world is free


But despite what I say here and now

My heart is in your hands

Please don’t let it crumble

While my world falls apart

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The Dream


I had a dream last night

That a dark knight came riding by

A knight that looked and seemed as you

Searching for a princess much like me


It was but a moment long ago

That you and I under a clouded sky

First glanced upon each other

Who knew such a fraction in time held so much destiny


Much time has passed since then and now

I find myself looking at you

Not so much wandering in the past

But in hoping for the future


I long for the feel of you

The touch of your arms around me

The sense of you within my heart

All of these torture me


Like any dream come true

There will be nightmares which we must overcome

Though tears may fall

I will not believe that love is wrong


If it is wrong to feel what I do

If my heart is committing treason against my mind

Then let them take me away

Love is more powerful than reason can ever hope to be


But if this is just a dream

And the princess you seek is not me

Do not wake me up, but ride on

And leave my heart to destiny


But if perchance this dream holds true

And the knight I wish for is none but you

Hold my heart within your hand

And take me to a place where reason dare not tread

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The End of an Era


This is for those that I’ve departed

So lost now

Broken hearted

Drowning out their misery with someone else’s pain


This is for the days I let slide away

Down the waterfall

Showering the blood of hate

Don’t stain the river red


This is the way it has to be

I’m not here to be knocked down

I’m stronger now

They’ll be no more falling

Falling face first into the ground


Read my lips

Not the tears as they fall from my face

I’m flying away from you

And we all know why


The future is here

The future is now

You had your chance to break me down

It’s all over now

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