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Welcome to my site of random things. 

Here you’ll find a collection of

my movies, my poetry, msn display pics,

info on my favourite bands, and a little

about me.  Currently I'm featuring

 Nickelback in the music Section.


I'm currently considering a major Change

to this Website. The Music Page is

somewhat of a frustration for me.  There

aren't that many bands I Care Enough

about to do a whole page on.  Right now

 I have a New page up temporarily called

Useless Info, Which would feature a

new topic every couple months. 

Right now I've placed a Survey on

there in hopes of getting some input. 

Please Check that Out and Enjoy

the rest of the site.


Have a good one.


~twisted angel~

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What's Up???

Thank you for visiting my website.
I've redone the music section with Nickelback, hopefully you'll notice it was better than HIM, which was kind of slapped together. I'm thinking of scrapping the My Music section all together though, and creating a completely different section.
For more info on that click here.
I've also added a links section, and have decided to feature new links on the main page.  The hits counter is still here on the bottom.
Last Week: I did a lot of changes, new backgrounds, movies, msn pics, and poems from 2002

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Check Out this Link!
Info about the famous Canadian band.  Includes a biography, albums & lyrics, audio & video, a picture gallery, tour dates, news, and links.