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2002 Page Three

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Think Pink


Ask any little girl and they tell you it’s true

You can grow up to be just like Barbie

Now doesn’t that sound like fun?


We can all dress alike

In our cute new pastels

And go shopping right when we need more


We can all giggle together

And look for cute boys together

They know they all want you


We can strut our plastic stuff

Cause we got all the latest styles

And flawless fabricated charm


We’ll walk around in little groups

Who needs to tell us apart?

Don’t you know we’re an assembly line work of art


Life in plastic

It’s fantastic

Even with a hollow head

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The Story of a Girl


This is a story of a girl

She lived in her own little world

No one ever saw her

So no one ever knew until


This girl she felt so alone

She cried tears cold as ice

The warmth inside her had long since gone

I’m surprised she was still alive


The day I saw her she had nearly disappeared

Her face pale as her wrists ran dry

She had cried for far too long now

All she had left were the bloody tears that struck the floor


As the darkness fell she asked me why

Why I was there, why I could see her

Why the music stopped

To bring this silent clarity


When she left the people cried

With tears of hot springs

They couldn’t understand why she gave her last act

Before the song had finished


As she dances to her new favourite song

She still has the old one in her head

A new life played with old instruments

But still new

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This One’s for You


It must be nice to be as self assured as you are

To think you can always get what you want

Keep in mind you haven’t had me yet


I know what you want

And you know what I need

So don’t hold your breath

Pass out and you’re not much good to me


You think you’re so smooth

A well written mystery

That messes with the mind


Is your head so caught up in what was

That you’re missing what is

You’re still missing what’s real


These are no child’s games

I am not your toy to use as you please

Caution: I may cause injury


So get with it or get over it

I can’t tell you what to do I realize

Though you live a bittersweet symphony built on lies

I will not change the music for you unless I want to


I know you’ve been hunting me down for a long time

And I’m basically expecting you to just give up

Go ahead and prove me wrong if you want to

But I’m not going to make it easy


Don’t you wish you’d been good to me now?

While you’re searching for your next cheap thrill

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Water Cycle


I take a look at my reflection

Nothing special here to see

Just another drop in the river

As it flows out to sea


What uniqueness have I

That I should be unafraid

Of the dangers that lurk in unfamiliar places


But I am not afraid

Though I may be scarred by false promises

And tempted by possibilities of escape

I will not be broken


This world is an unfair place

Where sadness, anger, guilt and hate

Seek to strike us down in our weakest hour

We must be strong


If we do succeed in this

And allow the rain to wash us of all pain

We will be free


Can you hear the waves

As they splash against the shore

Thousands of voices living by the tide

Begging for something more

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Welcome to my World


So you think you’re stronger than me

Go ahead slit my wrists and see if you can make me bleed

I am stronger then you will ever know

Welcome to my world

This is no TV show


Everything you do is real

And I know I can’t change the way you feel

Or change the past

Or make the old times last


And I can’t take back the things I’ve said to make you cry

Or the times when there seemed nothing better to do than die

All I can promise to do is try

I make my own expectations


This is my life

Though perhaps not the way you would me live it

But in a way I’ve always been a misfit

But I’m not looking to change that


I know I’ve done crazy things for love

I know you can’t see what I’ve been holding on to

But you’re not me are you


I won’t be cold as stone

Or perfect as a Princess

And I won’t promise to be above the rest

Just let me live my life to the fullest


Go ahead and be angry cause I don’t want first place

You can dwell on that if you need to

But I’ll be living life with a smile on my face

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Welcome to Salem


We have reversed

Chosen to go back in time

To immerse ourselves in the insanity of a much darker past


Each day I face the darting eyes and vicious stares of those who disapprove

For once again I break the rules of old

For my defiance I am chained at the wrists

The blood this practise exposes weakens to gravity and falls to the ground



Is it my fault that I should follow my heart

And not the aged hand of routine

That I seek to find my own path

Though it is not the one you wish for me


In your eyes I’m a lady of duty

While I’m truly a women of choice

You mistake my clarity for confusion

Having lost yourself in this obsession


There is no other option

We must hunt her down

This is not normal, it is not right

She must have some affliction


And so you tie me to a tree

And light it up in flames

Tie cats to my feet

And listen for the screams


The witchhunt never ended

We’re all burned at the stake

Go against tradition

And declare yourself insane

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What Matters


In the darkness of the night

Where stories are often left untold

You find yourself doing things

You know you will regret

But it doesn’t matter until

You can’t be there to say you’re sorry


And in a small and rundown home

A child cries

She’s all alone

It can’t be helped

It’s the price people pay

And it just doesn’t matter until

It’s you that can’t survive without suffering


And behind closed doors

A secret’s well kept

Too many tears fall

For bruises that weren’t asked for

So alone and so scared

Cause it just doesn’t matter until

It’s someone who can speak out


Call me crazy if you want to

But aren’t we all just a little naive

We think we have the worst of life’s problems

So bitter and ashamed

While we have someone who loves us who helps through

And for them you’ll always matter until

Until the day that time stands still

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Wonder Drug


Reach out just a little farther and you can touch it

That glass ball that surrounds you

Keeps you so far away from it all

That you forget what the real world feels like


You walk the streets half stoned

Lost in your own little world

It’s so easy to forget the past when you’re not looking for a future

But it will come back to haunt you


And when you finally come to your senses

Out from that bittersweet euphoria of false hopes

And promises you never had to keep

Bet you don’t feel so tough now


And then you’ll find yourself lying there

Mind wide open, eyes in shock

Don’t you wish you’d been good to me now?

While you keep searching for your next cheap thrill

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