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A Moment of Clarity in Unclear Times


Why is it that I want to cry

Yet I’m not even sad

Why has it taken me up to now

To figure out all of this


Why do I love you so

Even though the only picture I have of you

Is locked deep inside my head

Why do I long to be near you at every moment

Of every day


Why I can’t I find a way

To forgive myself for all the bad choices I’ve made

Why does my mom have to hurt so

She is such a strong person

I could never be that strong

Does she know her own strength


Why does my dad have to be how he is

Why does he hurt people so

His strength is his weakness

Will he ever know that


Have you ever had a dream

And had that dream come true

I had that happen to me once

The day that I met you

The day I learned how to be happy again


I am on my way to freedom

And I’m not sure what to do

I’m saying goodbye to fear

And au revior to haunting memories

And I’m never turning back


Can you hear the voices calling

Trying to warn you

Never leave room for regrets

Follow your dreams

Happiness is the most important thing

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A Questioning Mind


Staring at your watch

The steady tick-tock of time flying by

As life flashes before your very eyes


Have you ever paused to think about

All that you just might be missing

Racing through your life

Skipping all of the back roads

Do you really want to finish in first place


You say you know love

But tell me is it really love

If it still leaves you wanting more


You say you know suffering and pain

Are you sure you’re not extending old pain

Left over from things long before


You say that you know happiness

But are you really happy with the same old thing

Doesn’t life still leave you wishing


The puzzle of life is a wonderous thing

Each piece unique and strange

Yet until we’ve got all that we’ve been searching for

How can we say we have everything we need


The key is to never stop searching

So get out in the world and take a good long look

The greatest things in life never come easy

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Teach me how to breathe

For I have forgotten how

The sound of a voice and I die

And for a moment I am lost in another world


Am I brave, or but a fool

To give my heart as I so willingly do

A journey with no clear defined destination

Am I to rely solely on destiny?


Love take me by the hand

To the place that I am meant for

I am not afraid

For I have forgotten how

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As Yet Untitled


Is it really that big of a deal?

All of the sudden you feel the need to ask

Just because I’ve been there, and I’ve done that

And you didn’t realize, and now you’re shocked


And you’re mad now

Cause you say you’re not in my life

Well it wasn’t me who walked out the door


So I went away and I came back

A little different a little the same

But still here

And you’re dismayed yet happy to see me


I wonder what you think it is I do when you’re not here`

Fly on the wall you may be

But you still don’t know


Quit asking

Cause I’ll never tell

Your stuck in winter

And you’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell

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Black Mask of Fantasy


What if I started walking backwards

Do you think anyone would notice

What if I fell

And started tumbling down a rabbit hole


I’m living in someone else’s fantasy world

Wishing on a thousand stars

For dreams that may never come true

Where’s a magic lamp when you need one


I’m so sick on being in fairy tale land

When are we gonna wake up

And realize that heroes don’t always win

Evil will always survive

The innocent continue to suffer


I don’t want to be a Princess

Sitting useless in a pretty dress

I’d rather be a great and mighty dragon

Set the world on fire, and force it to revaluate


There are only three truths to fantasy

Some people are better off as frogs

There are always battles to be fought

And magic usually coincides with love

The rest is up to our imagination

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There was a time when things were good in this world

When it was enough just to lie beside you

On the good days

Everything felt right


The world stood still

For we had each other

It keeps spinning now

I’m getting dizzy now


To lose you

That’s something I can’t take

I know my life’s a whirling hurricane

But you were my shelter from the wind


I need you

But you never really needed me

I had faith in you

I trusted you

Even when I knew I didn’t have to

But you wouldn’t have done the same


I never hurt you

I never did you wrong

But now I know that even so it doesn’t matter

You would still be gone


In a world of give and take

I gave you all I could

But I know now that all I did

Was throw dust into the storm


I’m searching for the eye of the hurricane

The calm within this hell

And I’m wishing that you were there with me

And we could stop time again

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End of the Line


So this is what you get at the end of the line

For all the suffering

The tests and trials

The pain

You get a one way ticket out the door


Like getting drunk and collapsing in an alleyway

Then waking up to find you’re soaked in rain

Head screaming in pain

All alone, no one came to find you


Maybe it’s days like these

That teach us to re-evaluate

The way we live our lives

Before it’s too late


There’s no three ghosts to save you now

You gotta make it on your own somehow

And stop this life long machination

While you can still breathe

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For Those Who Have Seen It


Do you believe that love is true?

That kisses can be meaningful

That a heart can slow time

And place you in a world that reason cannot see


In this world there is a city made of glass

But built on stone

And in its centre lies a statue of ice

Frozen in time to avoid the endless cycle of pain


But blood cannot remain as ice

It must allow the heart to heal

The statue must eventually surrender

To the warmth of her lovers touch


His touch softly melts her

As does the warmth of his words

A drop runs down her cheek so cold

As her lips part to reveal a smile


They exist in a world beyond this world

A pair of gods dancing in dark corners unseen

Such love is incomprehensible to most mortal souls

For they cannot see that which their eyes cannot prove


And as the stars fall from the sky to reveal the morning sun

And the angels wake in their dew covered beds

They stand in defiance of the mostly likely probabilities

And in spite of current circumstance


They have seen the reality beyond that which is perceived to be real

Exposed themselves to the harshest of elements

Allowed their eyes to stare straight into the face of Occam’s razor

And dared him not to blink

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See that little girl

Doesn’t she make you want to walk a mile in her shoes

She seems so happy

She seems so free

But is she


Looking back on your life now

Thinking about all the ways you screwed it up

All that you’d do differently

If you knew what you know now

But that’s not how it works


So what are you gonna do about it

Go ahead and just sit there if you want to

No one ever expected you to make it

So why should you

You’re only human after all


What if you could see your future

What if you saw yourself do horrible things

Even if you meant well by it

You’d still try and prevent those things

But the future starts now


So what are you gonna do about it

Go ahead and just sit there if you want to

No one ever expects you’re gonna change it

But you have to

You’re only human after all


It’s not right

It’s not fair

We all complain yet go nowhere

It’s always greener on the other side

Until you rake the leaves

If you really want to change things around

Now’s the time to start


So what are you gonna do about it

Go ahead and just sit there if you want to

No one ever expected you to make it

So why should you

You’re only human after all

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Just Me


Can someone please tell me

Where I’m supposed to be

It seems as though I’ve lost my way

No one seems to understand

The thoughts that roar on through my head

But I guess I can’t ask anyone to do

What I never could


I know I’ve never been perfect

Though sometimes I’ve tried way too hard

To be just what you needed

And I guess that’s how our little fantasy came crashing down

Cause I don’t know how to be

Anything else but me


If you want you can try

To make me bleed for you some more

But I doubt you’ll cut me any deeper

In this world it’s so easy to get lost

Most days there’s some new catastrophe to survive

I guess we should be grateful

To still be breathing


I know it’s hard to watch me struggle

But I can’t learn if I don’t make mistakes

Don’t try to save me from myself

One way or another I will keep myself from drowning

Cause I don’t know how to live

Any way but mine


Those of you that love me

Understand that I may sometimes forget why

But in my heart I’ll always remember

The strongest person in this world I may not be

But I know I’m strong enough to get through this life

I know you’ll always be there for me

Even from far away


That life is tough there’s no question

But that’s no reason anyone should give it up

How do we know when our lives should be over

There’s someone out there whose world is still depending on you

Cause there’s no one else out there

Just the same as you

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Live that Way


So this is how it’s supposed to be

Or at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me

I should just accept what is for what is

And learn to shut my mouth


But I can’t live that way

That’s not how I was made

I’ve got to be strong and push on

So I can find a better way


I look around me and what do I see

People hating people for how they look to be

Children learning to fear and despise

The ones who aren’t the same


I see young mothers barely surviving

Homeless people dying

People just turn their heads and look away

And hope it will all go away


But I can’t live that way

That’s not how I was made

I’ve got to be strong and push on

So I can find a better way


I can’t accept that life just isn’t fair

And just put up with all the senseless things I’ve seen

I don’t have to just sit and do nothing

I don’t intend to again


I’ve had enough of suicides

People starving themselves to move on in life

Ignorant people who can’t face the facts

It’s your turn to get nowhere


Cause we can’t live that way

That’s not how life should be

It’s time to be strong and push on

So we can find a better way


We gotta be strong

We gotta push on

It’s time to find a better way

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