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About Me

If you really need to know...


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Name:  Melissa Anne Graham
Nicknames:  Mel, Giver, Smelly, Hot Wheels, Road Warrior (Call me Missy and die where u stand)
Born: November 8, 1983
Languages: English (like I really needed to mention that)
Location: Earth
Talents: music, writing, guitar, $ex, messing with inebreated minds, excessive talking, and generally finding new and exciting ways to annoy those who annoy me
My dream job: writing novels and/or screenplays
Fav Colours: scarlet, silver, black and indigo
Fav Foods: pizza, coffee, more coffee, chocolate, nachos, alcohol, certified salad freak, coke but especially vanilla coke (pepsi sux), anything hot and spicy
Foods that Absolutly Disgust Me: ORANGES!!!!, hotdogs, sugar cereals, most kinds of yogurt, brown bread, cornflakes, sardines, anchovies, escargo
Music that Rocks: HIM, Nickelback!!!, ACDC, Guns n Roses, linkin park, evanescence, Bon Jovi, Dave Mattews Band, Disturbed, the culprits:), our lady peace, sublime...
Fav Movies: The Crow, The Crow Salvation, Armageddon, The Siege, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Life as a House, Amelie, Creul Intentions,  Highlander, Interview with a Vampire, Fast and the Furious, Braveheart, Tears of the Sun, Butterfly Effect...
Bad Movies: Planet of the Apes, Evolution, Titanic, Tomb Raider, Vanilla Sky
Good TV: Simpsons, Family Guy, Nascar, hockey...but I don't have cable right now
Bad TV: Survivor Shows, soap operas, wrestling (the male soap opera), dating shows, any "reality" shows in general 
Fav Books/Authors: edgar allan poe!!!!, the sandman by barbara gowdy, fall on your knees by ann marie macdonald, marget atwood, stephen king, anne rice....especially The Vampire Lestat
Addictions/Obsessions: Coffee, msn, sleep deprivation, fixing this website, pizza, rock music, dragons, dvds
Profession: Pain in the Ass (unfortionatly doesn't pay well)
Subjects I could talk about forever: the state of the third world and first world ignorance, disabled rights, environmental issues, so called artists that don't right their own music, the many posers of the world...
Places I would most like to visit: Ireland, Scotland, New York, Nova Scotia, BC, Montreal, England, Paris and South Africa
Where I Stand on Most Issues:  I tend to get really annoyed with people who have minority phobia.  This is probably because I fit into a few of them (though not all).  I believe that all human beings have the right to be seen as equals in society regardless of race, ethnic or religous background, sex, disability, sexual orientation or age.  I also believe that human beings concentrate too much on blowing each other into oblivian and not enough on fixing this mess of a planet.  And just because someone attacked first does not make it right for them to be attacked.  Fear is the root of evil.
Admitable Faults: I'm stubborn (some say tenacious), I tend to get really big ideas and get pissed off at myself cause i can't admit defeat, i don't abide by rules very much and i have a big mouth that has been known to get me into trouble, i get bad pms and I'm very opinionated, easily frustrated by machines such as computers, washing machines, dryers, and paper shredders, i talk a lot or not enough depending on the situation, i rip my hangnails and i skip breakfast  and lunch on weekends
Confessions:  I am a wimp when it comes to cold, I hate rats (the wild kind, not the pets), I hate needles (I pass out), like gardening, and I enjoy male bashing
My Two Favourite Boys: Tim and Taz :)


~Weird Thoughts~

what would happen if it rained lemon drops and gum drops?
are u insane??? how do u know???
if u were to hypnotize me, what would u make me do?
why does the love bug have a drive thru?

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