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Marshmallow Jello Salad


Lemon Jello                                                             1-3 oz

Boiling Water                                                           1 cup

Crushed Pineapple or Fruit Cocktail

            With Juice                                                    14 oz

Cream Cheese                                                        pack

Small Marshmallows                                             100

Whipping Cream                                                    1 cup or 1 envelope



Combine Jello and water.  Stir

Add fruit and juice, cut in cheese.  Add marshmallows, stir. 

Chill until thick, stir occasionally.

Whip cream and fold into mixture.


Dad’s Bean Salad


Green Beans with Juice                                       14 oz

Yellow Beans Drained                                        14 oz

Lima Beans Drained                                            14 oz

Kidney Beans Drained                                        14 oz

Chick Peas Drained                                              14 oz

Sliced Onion Rings                                               1 cup

Sliced Celery                                                           1 cup

Jar of Pimento                                                         1

Sugar                                                                         1 cup

Dry Mustard                                                             tsp

Salt                                                                             tsp

Vinegar                                                                     1 cup

Cooking Oil                                                              2 tbsp


Combine beans.  Combine rest of ingredients and add to beans.  Let stand 24 hours.


Cesar Salad



Olive Oil                                                                     2 tbsp

Egg, boiled                                                               1

Salt and Pepper                                                      tsp

Parmesan Cheese                                                 4 tbsp

Lemon Juice                                                            tbsp

Roman Lettuce


Bacon Bits



Mix oil, garlic to taste.  Add egg, salt, pepper, 2 tbsp cheese and lemon juice.  Shred lettuce and coat with mix.  Add croutons, bacon and cheese when ready to serve.


Liquid Pizza


Cream cheese                                                         1 cup

Sour Cream                                                             1 cup

Mayo                                                                          1 cup

Pizza Sauce

Pizza Toppings



Mix together cream cheese, sour cream and mayo in large casserole dish.  Smoothen out to create flat surface. Spread pizza sauce over top and add toppings.  Serve with corn chips.



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