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Break the Cage


Looking through my stained glass window

The rain counting time against the glass

Birds fly free

But not me

Trapped inside my past


I’m waiting for that last chance train

That lonesome hero

The one to give me golden wings

And let me fly away


Cause I would give anything

To break through these glass windows

To a world where I could be myself

And not betray my heart


Isn’t it a shame

That hearts so passion filled

Are left to die

In a life so mundane


Searching for meaning

In a world so shallow

Like tamed birds we’ve lost all will to fly

Who will rescue these lost hearts

In the days before we die


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Do you remember?


Do you remember when

I was that little girl

Sitting in a long dark alley

Waiting for life to pass me by

All I wanted to do was cry

But it’s alright now


I’ve got my future

I’ve got my past

My dreams have come alive at last


Though I still dream of you

I am strong enough to know the difference

I am brave enough to find the truth

And see what’s real


The wind cannot blow me down

Nor the tides carry me away

The grass grows around me

For am here to stay


The sun shines upon me

Keeps me alive and strong

My heart is free

That little girl has grown

And she is not alone

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Fairy Tales



Glass slipper broken


Instantly rescued

By a man who does not exist


Snow White

Slave to seven bearded men

Aren’t we all?


Little girls

Believing lies

We grow up in a fantasy

Living a tragedy

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Last Request


What plagues us now

What have we done

That these hopeless dreams

May never come undone


My tears flow a river

That stops at your feet

My fears charge a thundercloud

Only you can defeat


Why not break this spell with the truth

And let me know how I should dream of you

Persistent nightmare or dream so fair

Until then no sleep, no dreams can soothe my pain

Love release me or have me slain

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Loneliness of a Pirate


Can you see it in my eyes?

How I feel so lost inside

The world that I once knew

Has washed away with the tide


Now I stand on these bare rocks alone

Knowing I will never be free

For there’s no ship to send me away from here

And that these tears won’t sail you back to me


How I miss the sea

That we used to ride on

The sunsets that were made for us

The waves that could never pull us down

We were both so happy then

But we knew someday it had to end

We’d leave behind the treasure we found


Now we’re still two ships in the same sea

But we’re off in different directions

Now and then I see your reflection in the water

I wonder if you ever stop and think about me


It was too hard for you, that much I’ve come to know

That anchor pulling you down

You were so afraid to drown

Now you’re gone

And we’ve both moved on


Still I can’t help but wonder…


Do you miss the sea?

That we used to ride on

The sunsets that were made for us

The waves that could never pull us down

We were both so happy then

So sad it had to end


But if the day should come you need a friend

Please don’t forget the treasure we found



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