RaNdOM aCtS oF CrAziNeSs


AbOuT mE
MY RanTs
SoMe PiCs
FaVoUriTe LiNkS
mY WeBriNgS
A BeDtiMe StOrY fOr ThE fUtUrE


Once upon a time, in a not so far away land there were two Emperors.  One had a castle made of stone the other had a castle made of glass.  The glass castle was so beautiful people came from miles around just to see it shine.  Soon the glass Emperor became very rich, as did his people.  Soon the Emperor was so rich he allowed his people to rule themselves because he had been able to invest his money in other things.  His people became very fat, happy, and proud.

            The people of the stone castle were not so lucky.  Their castle did not shine and was not very attractive to visitors.  As a result its Emperor was very poor and kept strict controls on his people so that he could maintain his power.  The people of the glass castle did not understand why the Emperor was having problems.  They urged him to build a glass castle like their own.  The Emperor and his people refused, they were proud of what they had built, even if it wasnt very pretty.

            So it continued, the people of the glass castle got richer and richer as the people of the stone castle got poorer and poorer.  The Emperors seldom met and as such had no clue what life in each others castles was really like.  Even so, they did meet once to make a deal.  The glass people gave them some of their glass so that they could have stone to crush things with.

            The stone people did not like the glass.  They could not afford the equipment to keep from cutting themselves.  Some even thought that glass was morally wrong to use, because their ancestors had refused to use it to make another castle.  However, the glass people would make no other offer, they couldnt understand why the stone people hated glass.

            Then one day a very angry group of men from the stone castle took a stone from home and made their way towards the glass castle.  With one throw they shattered the castle.  The people inside were terribly injured, glass had flown everywhere.


            So the glass Emperor told the people of the glass castle to make a flame, and with that flame they heated the stone castle until the people inside were just as injured as they were.  At the end of the day there were no castles left to look upon, just broken glass, ashes, and dirt.  The people fought for anything they could salvage, hope and peace were forgotten.  Let alone happily ever after.


All because two Emperors just couldnt understand.