RaNdOM aCtS oF CrAziNeSs


AbOuT mE
MY RanTs
SoMe PiCs
FaVoUriTe LiNkS
mY WeBriNgS
JuLy CoNtRiBuTiOnS

Some busy summer writers here.......

Special Somebody


Soft waves behind you

Strong winds in your face

The sun shining down upon you  

Wondering when that day has come

When that day come when I find that special somebody like you


By Tohamah Abdulwahab


Someone Holding your hand 

Offering your shoulder when you start to cry 

Worrying about them all the time

Wondering if they are ever going to leave u

But realizing that if they do leave you u will always be 
Friends forever


By Tohamah Abdulwahab


Have you ever been so in love that you start to cry, start to shake

Start smiling when you are with him or her

That sensitive skin always touching you

That passionate kiss you always get 

Missing him or her like crazy

Don't know what to do

Except wonder when she will call

And when she does call realizing that

It may be the last conversation you will ever have

With that person

By: Tohamah Abdulwahab

Breaking Up


You sit in room and begin to wonder

Wondering why you are in there 

Wondering what you did wrong

You Cry

You Scream

Wanting to know why

Wanting to kill yourself

Thinking that no one loves you

Thinking that no one cares about you 

Thinking that no one will


By Tohamah Abdulwahab



Colour Swirls of magic blue
trapped in a dream for me and you
Us, together sky high alone
cosmic dreams cracked by wish bone

See me here, standing for you
white rose there, lying for me
Rain beats down, tears of fear
washed away by love and sea

All you worry, all you care
no-longer for you my dear and fair
As we laugh, as we cry
cosmic dreams for us lie

See me here, standing for you
white rose there, lying for me
My heart is locked away from all
only you posses the key

Make me smile and youll see
Cosmic dreams awaiting thee

By Claire