RaNdOM aCtS oF CrAziNeSs


AbOuT mE
MY RanTs
SoMe PiCs
FaVoUriTe LiNkS
mY WeBriNgS
JuNe CoNtRiBuTiOnS

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yeah, he thought he'd have some luck

he wanted
to scream
out loud
all day
but shit
he'd get
in people's way

muffle him
you can gag him too
sink or swim
it's just what you do
and he's just a pagan
an atheist
so, what the hell
does he expect?
but so am I...
but so were they
and we're all heretics
in some fucked up way
abortion whore
a slut on her knees
the ones that giggle
seems like we spend
half our lives
exchanging views
exchanging lies

yeah, I thought I'd make fun of them
backed up by millions

yeah, but they were my friends

By: Rebecca Rice

Spiral of Betrayal
The hands of time have had their final turn
Hands that will lead to all that was learned
All that began with this betrayal
End the dreams of all that was loyal

So the tower falls
Still the hatred calls
But holders of the blame
Can you feel the shame?
Do you hear someone is lying?

The greed has now come to consume you
Greed that has come to know you
Now this bond has served you well
Saving you not, drifting further to hell

So you will fade
With nothing gained
But no need to fear
I'll be never here
Can you hear someone is dying?

The death has come to end the final play
Death that will come with nothing to say
All is lost with this betrayal
Began by dreams of thinking you were loyal

So the tower falls
Still the hatred calls
But holders of the blame
Do you feel the shame?
All I hear is someone lying
Written by: Jimmy B

September 11th, 2001
What do you do
What do you say
Those are the questions
You kept repeating on that horrible day

Why is this happening
Where did this all start
Who could ever do this
Didn't these people have a heart

Didn't they know it's wrong
To kill anyone
Did they think it would be cool
Did they think it would be fun

I pray for all the ones who lost their lives
And to all their families and friends
It was a horrible tragedy
I'm sorry that their lives had to end

I'm sorry for all the pain
That this has left you
Keep faith and try to be strong
Let time help you pass this through

Life's not perfect
It has a lot of let downs
No matter what goes on
The earth still continues to turn around

When I first heard what happened
I didn't know what to do
I started getting scared
But I somehow pulled through

I thought of all the people
I thought of all the volunteers
As I thought of all the deaths
I had to wipe away the tears

September 11th was a day
Nobody had ever asked for
Wasn't things complicated enough
To have to add more

I just have to say
I'll never forget that day
I send my love to the ones who died
Everynight when I pray!

By: Amanda Prince