RaNdOM aCtS oF CrAziNeSs


AbOuT mE
MY RanTs
SoMe PiCs
FaVoUriTe LiNkS
mY WeBriNgS
MaY aNd ApRiL CoNtRiBuTiOnS

A blast from the past......

Love Story
Like an open book,
You read what I wanted from you,
You gave what you thought you saw in me,
But in truth, you did not look that deep.
I fell in love,
From the moment of that first kiss,
you led me to believe,
that we could be more...
But all you could give,
was what you had thought you saw,
thought to fulfill a need in me,
for a time.
You still don't know,
quite how I feel,
every time I talk to you,
my words seem to get in the way,
and I just can't tell you.
There is another,
for each of us,
but I feel that we could be so good together.
But Fate takes its hand,
and holds it over our heads,
our destiny is before-planned,
we will never walk hand in hand.
So we steal these moments,
precious moments in time,
we take what we will,
and both give more than planned.
Each will go their seperate way,
but each asks for one more day.
Just one more time,
to feel that embrace,
the touch of a gentle hand,
the whisper of a kiss...
Just one more day,
to feel that passion,
that longing,
that lust.
Just one more day,
will never be enough,
for what is between us.
By: Amanda Miller

Moments in Time
I saw you once
Amidst the noise of the crowd
You were there ... in front of me
With your large blue eyes.

My heart came to life
As I had never felt before...
The moments passed
But only as moments lost in time.

It will be those moments
Forever upon my mind
Did you ever turn away to leave?
My eyes forever see your face.

It is just as it always was...You never left.
My heart feels the same
The feeling never disappears
For those moments are lost in time.

By:  L. L. G.


Young Forever

Looking out my window

Hearing the birds sing

The doorbell begins to ring

Yesterday is now a memory.


Etched upon my mind

The tears begin to flow

Passing each tombstone row by row

This is where you will rest.


Why am I dressing up I say?

There's no need to look nice

You're as cold as ice

Still you look so peaceful.


The priest says "rest in peace"

Looking around at everyone

I realize there is one less son

Mommy and Daddy miss you so.


Four men pick you up

Carrying you into the spring air

I remember your auburn hair

And the way you laughed at a joke.


Twenty years down the road

You never grew up since that day

But I guess we liked it that way.

Poem by Tams West