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Ambassador to Canada


You may never met her

Or even know she’s here

You may not even know her name

Or give yourself reason to care


She’s not a politician

She’s not even worth a dime

And she doesn’t have diplomatic immunity

From any type of crime


Yet every single day

She does what she must

To help those in her situation

Earn society’s trust


Everywhere she goes

Someone will come up to her and say:

“How are you doing dear?

How are you feeling today?”


But no matter how angry she gets

She must always keep on beaming

Cause she doesn’t have the right to be upset

Even when she feels like screaming


Her choices are always limited

Especially when she goes shopping

She can’t even get into most stores

Without a lot of prodding


She’s an Ambassador to Canada

But her life sure isn’t grand

She’s tired of being a visitor

In her home and native land


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Love is Blind


Please excuse me while I cry

Though I know you’ll never notice anyhow

I’m standing here drowning in this love I have for you

And I’ll you do is look back at me with that maddeningly beautiful smile


Please forgive me while I scream

But this fire is burning me inside

I wish I could just tell u how I feel

But you just can’t here me speak


I don’t mean to be so rude

But why do you have to be so good to me?

You words are the tide that pulls me in

Then leaves me stranded on the shore


I’m trying to be polite here

But you don’t even care

Why I can’t I be more like you

So I don’t have to see you standing there.

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I know every detail of your face

I can sketch every piece of soul in your eyes

I am a part of you – but I cannot reach you


Every morning I remember the horror of it all

The dark clouds that surrounded us

Our self-inflicted pain


I grew tired of the suffering

My hands tied so tightly to the cage within they nearly bled

I escaped, but you would not


I used to cry out to you

But you were as stone

Unmovable by my weakened self


I cannot help you anymore

You fall down this tunnel by your own choosing

You alone must find a way out


In the evening you’ll return

A smile on your face from long ago

You are free – the picture is complete

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The Traveller


How do I begin to describe the way that I feel?
I searched in the desert for that sweet oasis
Only to drown in its waters

The misguided genie that I have found
Brings me the rose I ask for
But only so I may be pricked by its thorns

The captivating promises you give to me
That I have yet to receive
Leave me sore and bitter

At night I am the moth
Helplessly captivated by the stars in your eyes
Only to witness the burning pain

With each step I take to reach you
The road becomes longer
If only I could ask for directions

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Unnamed Street


Walking down hollow stone pathways

Each step lit up by the moon

The fog that surrounds us prevents us from seeing what the future brings


We know we are alone on this journey

Yet we can’t help but feel eyes upon us

From the gargoyles that fly overhead


You know that I will always be there

And I know you will never leave

Until the candles that light our eyes burn out as they line the street


As the moon rises higher in the evening sky

You know I must disappear

But I shall return with the setting sun for as long as time allows


For even in the day I see your eyes

I feel your smile as at warms my heart

You chase the clouds away

You brighten all that is dark


You are still the eagle

And I am still the dove

Once again together in our sweet imperfect love


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