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Pre 2001

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A Dream Without Sleep


I sit here in the cold dim light

My own insane thoughts all I hear

I feel so old, and yet I am told

I still have much youth to get through


Too many nights without sleep

And too many days blown away

I’m tossed around like a leaf in the wind

And left to drown in the rain


If only I had one moment

To stop, to pause, to catch my breath

Maybe I could finally get a foothold

Instead of tumbling down this crater with no end


If only someone would catch me

And break this endless fall

Point me in some direction

So I can find someplace to go


Am I going in the right direction now

Just tell me, am I doing alright

It’s so dark now, I can’t see

Will you help me find the light

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Beneath the Clouds


As the rain falls on empty streets

And echoes through the land

No one hears the thundering clouds

Or the cold cries of the wind


On this tiny island

The rain continues to fall

And washes away the trees

That once stood so great and tall


The living have all died away

For what could they do?

This once lush isle now bare and cold

Holds nothing on which to thrive


Strength and courage have their charms

As long as it can last

But now this strength has shattered

It cuts inside like broken glass


The rain will keep on falling

I’m drowning in my past

I’d like to leave this island

Can you hear the rain falling?

Falling fast

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Living in a Horror Flick


Take me back, rewind

I remember now

The way you voice combined with static

Filled the room with sound


Wait just a moment

Play that part again

I’ll never forget those lies you told

The stories on which we fed


As the climax approaches

The room fills with fear

Women flee in terror

A child sheds cold tears


You seemed like such a hero

Freeing people the world round

But you were just a vampire

Tricking people of their lives with that silver kiss


Can I ever trust you?

I may never know

Shed the fangs and worn out mask

And maybe I can try

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Perfect World


She lives in a perfect world

Where everyone is happy, no one is in pain

She keeps her problems in cardboard boxes to hide the shame

She lives in a perfect world

Where everyone is perfect, except her


She hides herself in a castle with stone walls

Afraid to show what’s inside

The castle guards they seek revenge upon her

So she’ll never get to know what’s outside

She’s dying inside cause she’s never looked out


And every time it rains

The cardboard boxes are soaked, their contents leak out

She screams and she cries and she doesn’t remember why

She’s crying for help, but no one can here

There’s a secret in that castle that only she knows


Then one day her knight comes riding

Imperfect, just like her

With bare hands he tears down the walls around her

And kisses what’s inside

He mended her inside as he showed her the world


She’s the Queen of her castle now

She lives in a world she no longer fears

Her boxes are open, she has no reason to hide

Though her knight has left her, her happiness remains

She’s imperfect in a perfect way

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Undead Childhood


I go down these streets alone

But alone I am not

These are the paths we take

To get to where we ought


Each mind I meet is a memory

That stays within my heart

Whether I’ll see them again tomorrow

Is something I know not


But if I walk a different path

And meet up with them again

Would they remember me

As I remember them


Or would I be a stranger

Someone they know not

A ghost of long dead childhood

Or an old painting to be sought


I shall never understand

Why for some childhood must die

Why they murder their days of innocence

When they get better with age


I won’t go down these streets alone

As some choose to do

For when I carry my memories with me

I also carry you

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What Love Is


When you miss someone so much

You can’t remember life before him

Then you know what love is


When you know him so well

You couldn’t forget him if memories were all you had

Then you know what love is


And if you could cry so hard you couldn’t stand

And feel incomplete without him

Then you know what love is


I know what it’s like to be alone

To wish he was still there

Though he’s gone I still know what love is


When love is strong it forever stays

I hope you’ll have more luck than I

That you’ll always know what love is

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World of the Incomplete


The winds keep blowing

And the sound of each breath

And the fall of the snow

Is all I hear


My world is empty

This land of the unbeautiful

Holds no comfort

For I am alone


My secret world inside of me

Has no key

Its keeper has long since died

They buried it with he


I am




And dead inside


For I am alone…

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